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Welcome to the Department of Economics
Having admitted its first students in 2014-15 academic year, our department aims to take one of the first rankings in both research and teaching in the country. 
Our faculty consists of dynamic and qualified scientists, each of whom having degrees from international institutions. Using the latest methods and technology we aim to prepare our students to become leaders in the national and international arena by providing them the necessary background and qualifications
Thanks to the flexibility in course selection and course variety, our students will not only be able to enrich their course program by taking courses in fields other than Economics, but also will be able to complete the 4-year 240 ECTS Bachelor education in 3 years. In addition, our department offers 3+2 degree programs with leading universities resulting in a Bachelor degree from MEF and a Master’s degree in Economics, Finance, or MBA from a global partner. 


Our department aims to prepare our students as successful leaders in the public and private sector as well as in international institutions. The interconnectedness between economics and real sector offers a wide range of business opportunities to the students after graduation. With this regard, our graduates will have the opportunity of working in different business areas spanning over a range of sectors such as finance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and construction. In addition, economics graduates can be employed within the state institutions such as the Treasury and the Central Bank or international organizations such as .the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
Located in Maslak, Turkey and Istanbul's financial and commercial hub, our campus provides transportation convenience to internship and job opportunities. Within the framework of  3 +2 program our students will also have the opportunity to work abroad after graduation.
The industries, business areas, and possible titles after graduation are summarized in the following table.
Sectors Business Areas Titles
Consulting Analyst
Information  Audit / Inspection  Regional Director 
Education Economic Research Budget And Reporting Specialist
Finance  Finance Auditor
Fast Moving Consumer  Human Resources Consultant
Construction  Business Development Economist
Chemistry Strategic Planning Financial Analyst / Specialist
Logistics  Import / Export Business Development Assistant Manager
Automotive  Accounting Corporate Banking Assistant Manager
Retail  Market Research Finance Manager
Tourism  Marketing Accounting Specialist / Manager
Health  Health Marketing / Sales Specialist
Textile  Purchase Portfolio Manager
Public  Sales / Marketing Product Manager
International Organizations   Investment Specialist

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